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2022 Computation + Journalism Conference

June 9-11 - The schedule is now live!

Attend in-person or online! 2022 is a hybrid meeting, hosted at Columbia University by the Brown Institute for Media Innovation

About the Conference

News outlets rely on computation to tell some of the biggest stories of our time. Journalists collect data when official sources have not. They build statistical models to uncover disparities, previously ignored. And they craft new visualizations to help us experience our world in different ways. Some newsrooms have expertise in-house to produce this work, while others depend on collaborations with outside researchers.

The Computation+Journalism Conference (C+J) is a venue where journalists and researchers meet — news organizations share experiences with computational and social scientists, and together explore new kinds of practices that can serve the public good. For C+J 2022 we will take a very broad view of the term “researchers” to include our traditional audience of computing, data and social scientists, as well as artists and digital humanities scholars, historians, geographers and architects.

Building Bigger and Going Hybrid in 2022

In 2020 we canceled C+J as COVID restrictions were just taking hold and travel was impossible. With 2021 we bounced back and met virtually, attracting nearly 1,000 attendees from 17 countries. For 2022, we want to keep the best of what it means to meet in person, but not lose the diversity and reach possible from an online meeting — C+J 2022 will take place physically at Columbia University and virtually in a custom “extension” we have created.

Building on the success of C+J 2021, we are planning for C+J 2022 to be a large, inclusive event — it will be both in-person and online, a “hybrid” meeting. The fact that people no longer have to travel to make substantial contributions at an event like this lowers the barriers to entry. As with C+J 2021, we will hope to attract both computational researchers and creators with some curiosity about journalism, as well as news organizations looking to expand their reporting capabilities or experiment with new ways to report and present stories.


Date Description
May 9, 2022 Submission Deadline
May 13, 2022 Decisions on contributed and refereed talks
May 20, 2022 Program published
June 9-11, 2022* Conference!

*The conference will take place the afternoon of June 9, the full day of June 10, and the morning of June 11.


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