Building on the success of C+J 2021, we are planning for C+J 2022 to be a large, inclusive event — it will be both in-person and online, a “hybrid” meeting. The fact that people no longer have to travel to make substantial contributions at an event like this lowers the barriers to entry. We hope to attract researchers with some curiosity about journalism, as well as news organizations looking to expand their reporting capabilities or experiment with new ways to present stories. We are taking a very broad view of the term “researchers” to include our traditional audience of computing researchers and social scientists, as well as artists and digital humanities scholars, historians, geographers and architects.

Talks and sessions might cover a tool or methodology that could support new kinds of reporting or storytelling. Perhaps you are a social scientist with a new way to think about public opinion. Or you are a researcher in the digital humanities with a fresh approach to thinking about collections of texts, identifying who they are about and the situations they describe. Or you are a media artist with a new visualization of event-based data, exploring the temporality of how things unfolded. You might consider proposing a complete session on the description of a significant collaboration between journalists and some other field, perhaps discussing the backstory to a complicated piece of reporting. Riffing a bit more, what about talks introducing the new hybrid methods of epidemiology and anthropology, to help journalists find and tell better stories post-COVID?

New kinds of data, new kinds of analyses, new kinds of narrative — sessions at C+J 2022 might explore their use in journalism, in helping the public understand complex issues like climate change or COVID or challenges to fair voting practices.

Truly, the possibilities are endless.

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You do not have to be in-person to participate in C+J 2022. Speakers can be either online or in-person.

We will borrow from the organizational structure used by the Joint Statistical Meetings led by the American Statistical Association. People can participate in one of several ways.

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